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Venus in Aries loves the conquest and the hunt of a new crush, and pursues it aggressively and with vigor. Keep things simple and honest, but always give them moments to express their desires with you. This can be done by expressing interest in what they love, or by introducing them to your interests.

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Taurus: Ah, one of the ruling signs of venus. As an earth sign, the expressions of love with this sign are done with acts of service. Taurus is very dedicated and loyal, and will show affection by buying you food or dates. The joy of this sign is that reciprocating their love is very easy! They simply want to hear that their services and expressions are appreciated. Cleaning the house or gesturing to help in any way is appreciated because they may sometimes have difficulty showing love verbally. Fortunately, they consider their love an investment, and they want to watch you grow and provide a environment that will simultaneously enrich you and woo you over.

Gemini: though the reputation of gemini in venus is very flakey and has difficulty with crushes because they constantly fall for many different people, it isnt true at all! This placement has Venus in exhaltation, or a position of happiness where Venus can be expressed easily.

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Because gemini is an air sign, their crushes and relationships are based on how respectable the ideals and thoughts of their romantic interests are. Gemini in Venus is very easy to please because they are a mutable sign, and are fairly impressionable and are simply willing to talk about anything and everything with you and see how you think. Cancer: ah, my native placement. Venus in Cancer is one of the most sentimental, intimate, loyal and nurturing placements of Venus, but the difficulty of cancers is their shell! Cancer is known as the mother of the signs, and so love by a cancer is done by nurturing and helping you grow.

We desire intimacy and honesty of emotions in order to help you and heal you, and we desire the same in return.

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Cancers love to see sweetness and sympathy in people, and are drawn to nurturing environments where we are able to express our deep and strong feelings of affection or love that might not see the light of day. Leo: Out of all the signs, leo is the most proud and generous.

Their love is very public, and they want everyone to know that they earned you and that you belong to them. Leos are a catalyst, because their fixed and fiery nature makes them desire to embody their art and their interests, as well as their grandoise expressions of love. In order to show love, you need to give the Leo room to express who they are, without sacrificing your character in return. Leos enjoy novelty in their environments, because they are the artists out of all the signs! This means that they hold you on a pedistal and hold you as the embodiment of perfection.

They will be very enthusiastic to divulge into your interests and what makes you unique, so long as you adventure and explore theirs in return. Each of the earth signs rules a slightly different realm of material expression.

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Virgos rule act of service, and so they will do all they can to tidy up your home or give small but well intended criticisms to make you a better person, as they are perfectionists at heart. In order to love a Venus in Virgo, you simply have to be imperfect, but have a desire to improve. Though virgos may have a stereotype of heavy cleaning and embodying a busy honeybee, they fall in love with the small things and small gestures that you show.

Libra : The joy of Venus in a dominant sign is the ease of loving them and having them love you in return. Though libra is thought to be an incredibly boring and inattentive sign, this is not at all the case.

Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility

Libra values their partner on an intellectual level, and show their love by respecting their partner and by having endless talks and exploring the vast expanses of your beliefs and ideals with the intent of understanding and preservation. Furthermore, Libra in venus has a fantastic memory and communicative ability, and finds ways to express their affection for you with tact and eloquence.

Scorpio: Say what you will about the aggressive or manipulative qualities of scorpio. Though there may be truth to the negative qualities of scorpio, they have little merit here.


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Scorpio cares very deeply, and has the potential to be a very dynamic and undyingly loyal partner. You will not find a more enthusiastic and caring significant other. Scorpio has its distinctions from the other water signs, but is deep down, a caring sign.

Scorpio has healing properties and incredible emotional depth and comprehension just as any water sign, but Scorpio is a warrior, and will show their dedication by defending you on your behalf. Though this can be expressed in more negative ways, Scorpios want someone to belong to and can trust with their strong and deep feelings as well.

Sagittarius: When you have in a sign ruled by Jupiter, which holds fortune, wisdom and luck in its domain, you get an enriching and memorable relationship filled with exploration and a new adventure every day due to the nature of sagittarius. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, meaning they desire the action, impulsivity, action and novelty as any other fire sign, but they are the most open and understanding because of their mutability, but they may get bored quickly.

To woo them, you need to always try something new and fill them with excitement, or they may wander elsewhere. Capricorn is a sign that enjoys expressing love through work to provide for you, in a very paternal way. As a result, those with Venus in Capricorn are natural providers and use working hard as a way of showing their dedication to you.

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Where Taurus rules money and Virgo rules acts of service, Capricorn embodies work ethic, discipline and reputation. As a result, Capricorn in venus lovers desire to see work and effort of some kind be put into the relationship, especially the dedication you have when the relationship runs into issues. Aquarius: Since the running trope with Aquarius is its desire to refine and improve the social status, and hone their moral and intellectual beliefs by divulging deeply into their interests, it is no wonder that many Aquarians hold relationships outside of the norm.

Because Aquarius is an air sign as well as fixed, They will search for people who can intellectually stimulate them but without having them sacrifice their passionate but well intended opinions. As a result, Venus in Aquarius can be expressed in eccentric ways. I have personally met many polyamorous and open relationships with those with Aquarius in Venus. To really win over a placement such as this, you need to be a down to earth and reasonable person, with an interest in talking about the issues of the world and the way it works for endless hours.

The Aquarian will surely fall for you in no time. Pisces: Pisces in Venus is an interesting condition to have. It is the only water sign to not have Fall or Detriment in Venus, and so loving or being loves by a Pisces does not come with any inherant problems though no sign is inherantly bad. Pisces itself represents generousity, empathy, care and altruism; and so those with Pisces in Venus display their love by acting as brave knights and dashing monarchs to save their damsels in distress.

It is quite easy to grab the attention of a Pisces in Venus, as they have a desire to heal and fix those they get close to, regardless of the sacrifice it may cost them. You simply need to let them sweep you away, and live the happily ever after fairy tale they desire so deeply.

Air Signs and Aquarius

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Ah, theres that lovely aquarian. Some of the best people in the world will have the Aquarius Zodiac sign. They can kiss the best and are very kind. They are very loyal and have the best eyes. If you have a relationship with an Aquarius, they're a keeper. Love those who are an Aquarius. He's an Aquarius? He's a keeper. Aquarius people are not only different socially, but sexually.

They are seen as freaks in bed and are always willing to try something new. If you're bored with your sex life , go after someone born from January 21 to February 19 , because it is almost a fact that you will have new and amazing experiences with them. You won't even know what you're feeling, it will be so great.

Be careful though, because Aquarius' aren't always great with emotional attachment. They really have to like you. That girl I banged last night had to be an Aquarius, I've never been with such a freak. Difficult difficult lemon difficult Chocolate Sundae Send us your feedback. Signo de aire Air sign. Signo de agua Water sign. Signo de fuego Fire sign. Earth sign Signo de tierra. Signo de tierra Earth sign. My birthday is in June, so I'm a Gemini.