What astrological sign is february 26

At times, you retreat into a world of romantic fantasy, where beauty, love and poetry can be the focus. While this quality allows you to love with great openness, it can become detrimental if you become too vulnerable to others. You will always be the first person to lend a helping hand or supportive ear, but you may run the risk of troubling yourself too heavily with the burdens of others.

Remember to take time to address your own emotional and personal needs. In love, find a partner that shares in your value of honesty and romanticism, as this will bring you the most satisfaction and happiness. While choosing a career is one of life's most daunting challenges, you are lucky enough to have natural abilities that translate to success in a variety of fields.

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Compassionate and caring, you may do well in people-based careers, such as counseling, teaching, social work or politics. On the other hand, your business sense may take you into commerce, manufacturing or entrepreneurship, much like Levi Strauss, who was also born on February 26th.

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  • If you are musically inclined, your imagination and gifts for communication may lead you down the path of lyrical expression, which was the case for Johnny Cash, another of your celebrity birthday twins. The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a girl blowing a bugle.

    FEBRUARY 26 ZODIAC – Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

    This symbol suggests that a crisis may be approaching in life. As you witness events unfolding, you must not ignore your call to action.

    Additionally, you can find fullness of life by being of service to your community and those you hold dear. Here are a few Pisces celebrities born on February 26th and their past or present romantic connections:.

    February 26 Zodiac Sign

    Famous Birthdays. February 26 Horoscope. Feb 26 Birthdays. February 26 natives always seem to be surrounded by a group. They have a way of making everyone feel indispensable.

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    With an exceptionally romantic nature, they have a reputation for investing their lovers with more virtues and charms than they possess. People born on this date often harbor anger toward their upbringing. Therapy can help them cope with this. Although they have the potential to be good parents, they may feel jealousy when they see how much easier it is for their children compared to what they experienced.

    February 26 people take pride in their appearance, which motivates them to exercise. They are concerned with retaining their youthful good looks and are likely to adapt their nutritional habits toward achieving this aim. February 26 individuals like to master their fates.


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    They have the discipline to work for others, but prefer not to, feeling they must go their own way to achieve their desired level of success. They are careful with money, especially if they have an irregular income. February 26 people are idealistic in their hopes and perceptions, and many of their goals may seem out of reach.

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    But the unattainability makes those goals so appealing.