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You need an accurate time of birth, place, and date to look up your birth chart and you can do it using this link.

Navamsa D9 Houses, Marriage Timing & Live Astrology Questions

There are 12 houses in the zodiac. These are what they mean, what they stand for, and the exact areas of life they govern. The first house is the house that governs, well Your physical appearance, the image you project to others, the first impression you make and the way you begin new things. It also rules your defense mechanisms and relationship to new environments, since those are generally a mechanism of the ego and your surface self.

If you have the planet of Uranus planet of rebellion in your first house, you probably dress or act in an odd or rebellious way that makes you stand out from the crowd.

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Johnny Depp and Kurt Cobain both have or had Uranus in the first house. This is the house of money and material possessions. This includes your finances, your belongings, and your relationship to the things that you own. For example, if your horoscope says the planet Venus the planet of money is going retrograde slowing down in your Second House income sector , it's like a warning to prepare for some difficulty making any fast cash.

The Ninth House | Jessica Adams

This includes your siblings and cousins, neighbors, your early environment, and early education. The third house also rules our thoughts and the way we put them out into the world, either in writing, speaking, media, or communication arts. This includes your family, your roots, your sense of security, and your relationship to your mother or your more "maternal" caregiver.

This house also governs your psychological relationship to your roots, your connection to your past and your ancestry, our domestic life, and real estate endeavors. The fifth house is the house of playfulness, joy, creativity, pleasure, and romance. That could include gambling, attitudes toward romance, and attitudes toward having fun. The fifth house also governs our relationships to lovers as opposed to partners, romantic gestures, drama, creative projects, having children, being in the spotlight, theater, costumes, and adornments.

The sixth house rules your daily life. The sixth house includes whatever those responsibilities might be, including your health, your domestic pets, efforts at self-improvement, service to your co-workers. Also, your attitude toward routines, scheduling, and organization.

The 12 Astrological Houses: Interpreting Your Birth Chart Beyond the Zodiac

The seventh house rules partnership: marriage, business partnerships, domestic partnership, soul mates, and our attitudes toward these unions. It also governs our competitors and enemies, since competing with someone is a kind of union in itself. After all, it takes two to compete, doesn't it?

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People with a strong 9 th house will be naturally curious about what is going on in the world as it is the house of the explorer. Really the 9 th house message is all about thinking big. Theoretical physics is a 9 th house subject as it is engaged in exploring and broadening our understanding of the universe. It would probably not come as any great surprise to learn that Albert Einstein had his Sun, Mercury and Saturn in the 9 th house. If you have a constant yearning to discover what lies below the horizon you are hearing the call of your 9 th house. A planet transiting your 9 th house can also bring in these themes — I have known people who have never travelled only to be bitten by the bug later in life when a planet began a major 9 th house transit.

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Above all, the 9 th house is designed to give us a sense of freedom, a larger perspective on life with a stroke of good fortune thrown in for good measure. It rules our big dreams and our big projects. The things we were sent here to achieve.

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Its message is there are no limits to the aspects of human experience we can decide to embrace. So think big and expand your horizons.

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