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People are not responsive. Will save and share with family and friends. Thank you sweetheart. Love your blouse and decorations. Video not playing problem fixed now! We are sorry for inconvenience. Download HD p HD.


Download Medium Quality p. Download Low Quality p. My name is Pam and I'm a clairaudient, clairvoyant, empathic channel and Psychic Medium. I have over 16 years of experience doing psychic readings professionally for clients all over the world. G D 5 months ago Woo-hoo Pammy!!

Grand Pa 8 months ago Thank you gorgeous. Grand Pa 9 months ago Working it. Thanks Pam. You are an earth sign and ruled by Saturn, the planet of timing and focus. If you feel that something has your name written all over it and is worth going for this month, then make sure you follow up on that feeling. Life can't always be about keeping things clean and tidy. Too often you will find yourself being someone you feel is politically and socially correct as well as the most acceptable version of yourself only to find that you aren't fooling anyone?

Even yourself? Stop trying to please everyone else so much and focus on what it is you need and want. If it's too much like hard work, is it really worth it?

Venus the Goddess of love and money will form an easy trine with assertive Mars on the 9th, making sure that all conversations about money — and love too — remain polite and friendly — even if the subject matter wades into not so friendly waters goats. Venus and Mars will only be in the neighborhood for a couple of days. Use them. The majority of you have finally gotten used to the new, more rigorous schedule Saturn gave you a year ago goats.

Go for a hike, a run, a walk or sit in the park and listen to the sounds of nature around you and feel the grass under your fingers. We never take enough time to thank the Universe for all of the beauty she provides us. To regroup and recharge your batteries especially. Once again, this requires you to put down your computer, your mobile and all other electrical devices that take you away from other people and life itself and take a good long look around you.

What do you need to have more of in your life? With the Sun, Mercury the communicator, a New Moon on the 8th and Ceres the outer asteroid of unconditional love all combined in Libra this month, your 10th house of career and ambition, it goes without saying that this is set to be a very successful month for those of you who are ready to put the hard work in.

The 10th house is the house of career and social status — and is represented by climbing the corporate ladder and the social ladder as well. Now is the perfect time to push yourself to your limits both personally and professionally Capricorns. The 10th house is ruled by your sign and in turn, your sign is ruled by Saturn, the ringed planet of limitations, restrictions, boundaries and structure.

And hopefully set yourself up for success in the future Capricorns.

Healing Arts

So if you have interviews or reviews scheduled, try to put them off until the 6th or the 12th. Saturn your ruler gets on board with this notion around the 24th or 27th — which is the astrological equivalent of getting a hall pass from a very strict teacher.

Make sure you grab it and hold onto it goats. Who knows when Saturn will be this benevolent again?

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I miss Ben. Dedication: This issue goes out to two very special individuals, two of my oldest friends. Jill Boogie and Paul Kerr. Jill and I have been best friends for years and this I the first year in many many years I was unable to celebrate her birthday with her due to moving and work.

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Paul and I have been friends for just about as long as Jill and I and his birthday was also this week. I seem to have a special affinity for Aquarians… you buncha sweethearts. Dear Humans, Boy have the last two weeks been insane. Ha ha! That should be my query for the week; how do all of you have your shit together?

I finally had a second to get my guitar out and sing a few songs a few days ago. It felt so good to put my fingers on the strings… a few songs later, I was remiss in not playing for several weeks. Where are my calluses?? The Tom Waits Cabaret was absolutely the best! Each song had a different flair.

There were many singers and bands who were magical!! In his style, he feathers the song with notes in appropriate places instead of filling in all the spaces with notes. I really like that kind of style. It gives me peace. Not to disparage all of you electric guitarists out there who ramble on for several minutes while the rest of us are smiling and nodding, smiling and nodding… but I digress. Had that thing happen where my self-care dropped off while I was busy doing things.

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I now have a cough and a cold. Also had an episode of hives yesterday! I am going to New York to the national Democracy Matters conference to teach about 85 students who will be attending about how we plan to get money out of politics and build a more democratic future with the federal HR1 bill, check it out here and sign on man, call your reps and senators! Lastly, I will add that I have several bookies to do house concerts that will be coming up over the next couple of months.

Love you all, thank you for being part of my world. Find something else? Walking helps me but I cant cause of this ankle boot. A picture I took of our flowers on the kitchen table today. Lovely poem in a book a dear friend let me borrow to peruse.

Don’t Read The Comments Book Release Date? 2020 Fiction Releases

Broken toilets. A memory from last year. Love that ring. Also just books that I bought to read to understand more about how I can exist in this world being an activated ally and witness to the everyday injustices. Damn right? How many mouths could we feed? A scary hand. Acceptance of what is and what must be. Holy crap they did an amazing job.

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January 16, by Anita Lorraine Moore Leave a comment. So guess what, today, this reminder has confirmed my morning soul-nourishing work. As I crumbled into openness during this not-too-long-ago time, through EMDR PTSD therapy, eventually joining with Al-Anon, and opening my heart to a few close friends, this passage from two years ago is truly felt. I hope you see this in me, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Anita Moore… then Anita Kinney …. I have strands of positivity reaching into the future I am envisioning that enlivened journey of my Self.

There are lilies on my tongue and roses in my nose, golden light shining right out of my ass.