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What is special about the recurrence transit is the fact that this activation will occur even if the transiting aspect doesn't make any kind of contact or aspect to a point in that persons chart. Rules and Rulership Both Marley and O'Connor have Venus-Saturn squares in their natal charts, though in both cases they are contained in t-squares with outer planets. As landmark events in their respective lives, they can be seen as statements inspired by deeply personal motivations, both of which correspond to a basic interpretation of the Venus-Saturn square ones sense of communal harmony being at odds with the actions of authority figures.

However, despite this fundamental similarity in motivation, there is a clear difference in the manner in which it was expressed in the two instances. Marley's action was to unite two disparate factions - an effective solution to restoring communal harmony at least temporarily , while maintaining his strict apolitical stance. On the other hand, O'Connor's action made no attempt at resolution, but rather was an outright revolt against an established authority that she felt undermined communal harmony, if not her own inner peace. One way this marked difference between the two events can be explained is by examining the sign placement of both Venus and Saturn, with regard to rulerships, in each event chart.

Planets are usually considered to be stronger when placed in signs they rule, and weaker when placed in signs opposite their own rulership. In other words, while the Venus-Saturn square represents discordance between two basic principles in life peace and authority , the stronger planet during a given recurrence transit will dictate the direction in which a related event will take. In the case of Marley's One Love concert, Venus was in Taurus, one of its own domiciles signs of rulership , while Saturn was in Leo, a sign opposite one of its own traditional domiciles Aquarius.

As Venus represents a uniting principle, it had dominance over Saturn in the context of the square on this particular day. Hence, Saturn, representing the principle of rejection, had the dominating influence in its square to Venus on that particular day. Natural Mystic Important details to note in both Marley and O'Connor's respective natal t-squares would be the planets found at the apex. While Venus was the dominant planet by transit that day - hence resulting in a Venusian expression of his recurrence transit - Marley's dominating motive was to remain outside Saturn the system.

He wanted to maintain his resistance Saturn to what Rastafarians refer to as Babylon, anything in society that does not appeal directly to Jah God. Neptune, among other things, represents the masses in an idealized sense or humanity as a united collective.

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As a singer-songwriter, Marley remains one of the 20th century's principle voices against socio-political oppression and injustice. His message, relayed throughout his music, was directed at promoting universality, a distinctively Neptunian aim. In addition to the fact that Venus was the dominating planet during his recurrence transit and the One Love concert, the presence of Neptune in his natal t-square reflects his drive to bring together warring factions and inspire peaceful resolution to conflict.

Also, Chiron's conjunction to Neptune in Marley's chart elevates his humanitarian sentiments to a distinctly spiritual aim his Rastafarian faith. Although astrological understanding of Chiron - a celestial body most likely a comet discovered between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus in - remains ambiguous at best, its most common associations to date are with alternative forms of healing and faith. Marley's death of cancer in was the result of his refusal to amputate a toe a few years earlier , in fact , opting instead for an alternative treatment, after melanoma had developed in the digit.

Neptune is often associated with a sort of insidious nature, relating to important matters that manage to go unnoticed until after they have had their full effect some astrologers even link Neptune to infections.


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Faith and Courage Sinead OConnor's public image, that of the razor-tongued and razor-shaved warrior woman, is well portrayed in her horoscope even without a given birth time. Along with the fact that Saturn was the dominating planet during her recurrence transit, the presence of Uranus and Pluto outer planets with a more radical Uranus and imposing Pluto nature than Neptune in her natal t-square with Venus and Saturn, characterize the severity of her actions that night.

With regards to Chiron's influence in her t-square, it is interesting to note that, following her apology to the Pope in , O'Connor joined the congregation of controversial Irish Bishop Michael Cox, who eventually ordained her as a priest. Again, as in Marley's case with regard to the Rastafarian faith, Chiron appears to have some relationship with the emerging new contexts for spiritual beliefs and practices in this case, the advent of female Catholic priests. With Chiron's conjunction to Saturn in O'Connor's t-square, her burgeoning wisdom directed her to more a more effective method of fighting the abuse of authority from within the system.

Long before the emergence of horoscopic astrology the use of a horoscope to read the life of a given individual , eclipses were interpreted by stargazers as omens, indicators of important events that would ultimately affect the community at large.

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Indeed, both of these events in some way reflected the collective anxieties of their respective communities, anticipating larger issues that would have to be faced down the road. Long after Marley's death, Jamaica continued to suffer from hooliganism and random street violence, which had initially erupted because of tension between the islands stratified political factions.

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Ten years after O'Connor's daring and, at the time, baffling protest, church officials were finally compelled to face reports of serious abuse committed within their system. In Marley's case, the Lunar Eclipse that occurred before the One Love concert was at 3 Libra, conjunct his natal Chiron-Neptune, emphasized his position as a spiritual leader Chiron in Jamaicas fight for peace and unity. His early demise raised him to a martyr-like status Neptune , a symbolic representation of the struggle at hand, as well as a reminder of the consequences of a societys failure to resolve political differences peacefully.

For O'Connor, the Lunar Eclipse that preceded her appearances on SNL and the Bob Dylan concert was at 24 Sagittarius, conjunct her natal Venus, indicated the crusaders ultimate desire to remain within Venus the faith that she was rebelling against. Interestingly, just before her apology to the Pope in , there was a Lunar Eclipse at 24 Pisces, conjunct her natal Saturn-Chiron conjunction, reflecting not only her regret Saturn over "the gesture of a girl rebel," but also her renewed allegiance to the faith Chiron she had acted against.

Also, keen-eyed observers will note that Venus was at 11 Scorpio on the day her apology to the Pope was published September 22, its exact position on the night she tore his photograph. The planets return to this position at this time represents the completion of a cycle, her renewed commitment to her beliefs. Haile Selassies given birth date is July 22, , near Harar, Ethiopia Modern Astrology July quotes data from the Emperor's private secretary, given as the date of 16th Hamle, year Abyssinian, computer to a modern July 22, NS.

The time tends to be somewhat shaky due to the translation from an Abyssinian calendar. British Journal of Astrology gave July 17, , AM and the editor remaked that L'Astrosophie had July 24, "but it needs to be authenticated. Two encyclopedias gave Lyrics from the song War , adapted from an excerpt of Ethiopian Emperor H.

Haile Selassies address to the United Nations on October 6, What life has taught me I would like to share with Those who want to learn Sunstar Astrology. Astrologist Lifestyle Services. Our Ideal Customer. The insights and guidance I can provide you with astrology will serve to activate inspiration to know your priorities and take authentic, practical and successful actions.

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While I feel confident that I have mastered many of the interpretive techniques, in some respects, I feel like I am just really getting going with it. That is how profound a serious study of astrology truly is. Recommendations Received Margaretann Simon. Pat Wilson. How the stars were aligned when you were born and the influence of numbers is fascinating. Carla Gladman. If you ever wanted to get your chart done contact If you ever wanted to get your chart done contact Michael he will guide you through the process.